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Engineering Subject Guide — ASTM Standards

This guide offers information for students and faculty, on and off campus, on locating library resources and services suited for the School of Engineering.

NEW! ASTM Compass Database Access

We now have online access to the ASTM Book of Standards through the ASTM Compass database.

Accessing the ASTM Compass Database

You can access the ASTM Compass database through the UConn Library's homepage. 

Directions to access:

  1. From the library homepage, click on Databases
  2. Type "ASTM" into the upper right hand corner search box and click go
  3. Click on the ASTM link below

Screen capture of A-Z database search


  4. Click on ASTM Compass. You may be prompted to enter your UConn Net ID and password to gain access.

  5. Now, click on "Book of Standards" in the lower left hand corner of the screen.


Image of ASTM Compass homepage

Print Standards

UConn library owns a physical set of the 2016 standards.  They are located on the 2nd floor of the library in the Technology section.  We also have a set of the 2010 and 2003 Standards.  The ASTM Standards are located at call number TA401.A653.  Just look for the shelf labeled TA401, and there they are!

Librarian Renee Walsh standing at level two north of the library       T for Technology call number sign       Image of the TA401 call number shelf

Images Above: STEM Librarian Renee Walsh standing next to the 2 North Sign in Babbidge Library.  The T for Technology call number sign.  The TA401 shelf, where the ASTM standards are shelved.

Which Volume Has the Standard I am Looking For?

For example, if you are looking for standard C1424, "Standard Test Method for Monotonic Compressive Strength of Advanced Ceramics at Ambient Temperature," you need to determine what volume that standard is located in.  To do this, search in Google for ASTM C1424, this will bring you to the ASTM webpage for that Standard.  Listed on that page, you will find the corresponding book volume in which the standard is located, in this case, Book of Standards volume 15.01.

Screen capture of the ASTM C1424 webpage

Above: Look for the Book of Standards Volume Designation on the ASTM website.  Above, we see that standard C1424-15 is found in volume 15.01.

So Many Standards!

Although there are many standards, hopefully you will quickly find the information you are looking for and get to work!  You can always scan the standard to PDF and e-mail it to yourself at one of the libraries many scanners.  You could also photocopy it.

Shelf of 2016 ASTM Standards        Photocopy of ASTM C1424 page one        photo of volume 15.01 of the 2016 ASTM standards

Above: the shelf of 2016 ASTM Standards, a photocopy of page one of Standard C1424-15.  The cover of the 2016 Book of Standards, volume 15.01.

Good Luck on Your Projects!

Good luck with your research!  If you need a standard from a year the library does not own, you can request it through interlibrary loan.  Login to MyILLIAD, and fill out the information about the standard you need.  You should receive a PDF scan by e-mail within about three days.