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Engineering Subject Guide — Find Books

This guide offers information for students and faculty, on and off campus, on locating library resources and services suited for the School of Engineering.

Digital/ Electronic Books

The library subscribes to several electronic book databases in the fields of engineering.  In addition, we also purchase physical books, which are shelved on Level 2 of Babbidge Library.  The majority of our new acquisitions are electronic, multi-user, ebook copies.

                Level 2 of babbidge library where the engineering books are located

Level 2 of Babbidge Library: Science books about computer science, math, chemistry, and physics are in the Q section on the North side.
Books about Engineering and Technology are shelved in the T section on the North side.

Physical books on Engineering are shelved on level 2 of Babbidge Library on the North side.  Library of Congress subclasses T-TS contain books on engineering.  Library of Congress classes Q (Science) -QD may also be of interest to engineering students. These items are also shelved on level 2 North of Babbidge library.

Interlibrary Services

Interlibrary Services provides materials free of charge to valid UConn users. Services provided include: