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Engineering Subject Guide — Journal Articles

This guide offers information for students and faculty, on and off campus, on locating library resources and services suited for the School of Engineering.

What Are Journal Articles?

Journal articles in the sciences are almost always a write-up of grant-funded laboratory or field research. Each article provides a brief overview of the research study, a description of methods used, results, and a conclusion. A small portion of science articles are 'review' articles; these are articles that summarize research studies. Journal articles are peer-reviewed. A growing number of so-called "pre-prints" are beginning to be published in science fields.

Photo of the new UConn Engineering building in September 2017.  Photo by UConn staff.                          Student competes in Hackathon at NextGen Hall on March 25, 2017.  Photo by Sean Flynn for UConn

Engineering Journals (Electronic Copies)

 UConn has a SAE electronic journal subscription as of 2018.  Certain SAE journals published from 2018 onward are now available online.  Articles published prior to January 2018 are available as print copies in the library.  To find these articles search "SAE" in the journal search.