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Engineering Subject Guide — Handbooks

This guide offers information for students and faculty, on and off campus, on locating library resources and services suited for the School of Engineering.


Handbooks are a great place to look for a quick fact, to lookup chemical and physical data, or to look up how to safely construct an object.  Here are some links to databases below which contain handbooks.  TIP: You can search within the digitized handbooks by keywords to find the information you need.

Selected Handbooks Available (Electronic Copies):

The majority of recently available handbooks are available online electronically through our various engineering database subscriptions.  Search the Knovel database for the majority of handbooks online.

Handbooks in the Library (Physical Copies)

The library has some physical copies of handbooks, but the majority of recent engineering handbooks are available online through the engineering databases, like Knovel.  Physical copies of handbooks are shelved in the T section on level 2 of Babbidge library.