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UConn Library's LibGuides Standards and Best Practices — Creative Commons (CC)

A guide to help you create and edit your subject, course, topic and general purpose guides

Creative Commons

Except where otherwise noted, all works created by UConn Library staff and published on the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial License LogoLibGuides platform are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC-BY-NC 4.0). As a private individual, you are free to copy, share, remix, and build on these works as long as you use them in accordance with the terms of this license. When using these works, you must provide attribution and not use them for commercial gain, among other terms and conditions.

Works excluded from this license include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Content owned by other entities;
  • Content published under other licenses or marked as “all rights reserved”;
  • Images in which UConn students or employees are personally identifiable;
  • Software and applications created by third parties, including Springshare.

Attribution: The heart of CC Licenses

The key about using CC licenses is attribution. You don't need to ask permission anymore to re-use content/boxes/guides but you must give attribution. If you are unsure how to give attribution when using someone's guide, box content or image, we have provided some examples that you can copy and edit as needed.

Example # 1

Please feel free to share this guide with others or use it and its contents for your own purposes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Guide adapted from "Fake News," a guide developed by KT Lowe at Indiana University-East.

Example # 2

Icon for Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International"Top 10 tips for searching Fake News"  is licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0

Example #3

"Top 10 tips for searching Fake News" used under CC BY 4.0 /modified from original.



  • If you don't modified the content, use the term, "licensed under [name of license]"
  • If you modified it, you can said "used under [name of license]/ modified from original."
  • Link back to the original guide or the creator's profile page or email address.

This applies to UConn-created guides as well as other non-UConn content/guides. Feel free to contact the LGMT for any questions about attribution and CC licenses.

Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons Licenses

A LibGuide for an overview of the open licenses called Creative Commons, which are important in both open access publishing and in Open Education Resources (OER.)