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Engineering Subject Guide — Requesting Standards

This guide offers information for students and faculty, on and off campus, on locating library resources and services suited for the School of Engineering.

Accessing Standards at UConn

Currently, at UConn we have subscriptions to ASTM and IEEE standards through our database subscriptions.  Please scroll down this page to access those links.

If you need a copy of another standard (ISO, ASME, etc), then we will purchase the individual standard for you.  We now have more funding to purchase international and other standards needed by UConn community engineering researchers.  The form for standards purchase is available on our My ILLiad interlibrary system.  To request a standard:

  1. Login to MyILLiad
  2. Click on "Place Request."
  3. Scroll down to "Standards Document"
  4. Fill in the form
  5. Click submit!

Image of the standard request menu on my Illiad 

Above: Click on Place request, then a drop down menu will pop up. Next click on Standards Document

Image of the standard request form

Above: screen capture of the Standard Document request form on MyILLIad.  

Users will need the standard title, issuing agency, year, and standard number or URL

Standards Available through UConn Libraries

Here is a list of some standards that are owned by UConn Library:

Accessing UL Standards (Read Only)

Students may access UL Standards for free in read only format by creating an account with UL.   Free access is read only and is called "digital view" in their platform. If you need to print a standard or need a PDF, then you will have to purchase a copy via your Senior Design Project Sponsor.

                                                                       Screen capture of UL Standard 67 and the free digital view button

Standards Agencies

Below you will find a list of select standards agencies or vendors in case you want to browse standards we do not currently own.  There are many more world standards organizations then what is listed below.

What are Standards?

A standard is an agreed upon way of doing something. They are produced by various national and international groups and allow engineers to be certain that their designs will be able to interoperate or function within the framework of other engineers' designs.


Standards impact nearly every aspect of our lives. Consider these few areas:

  • The production of high-quality, expertly tested automotive parts and materials
  • The science and technology of highway construction
  • The safe and economic construction of buildings

Learn More about Standards:

History of Engineering Standards