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_First Year Writing - Regional Campuses — Web Sources

This guide focuses on research resources for English classes at the Regionals with information for specific assignments.

Is this a reliable source?


  • Sources that maintain a neutral tone, not trying to vent, or sell a product or position are generally reliable.  You'll want to be cautious of  personal blogs and comments posted on social media
  • Links from educational  websites, and those affiliated with a respected organizations,  are considered reliable.
  • Sources from the Library's databases are credible, though not always appropriate for your research.
  • Sources that are commercial in nature with call for donations, and flashy effects are generally  not considered objective sources
  • If currency is  important for your topic, avoid sites with dated information and old links. 

    Sources from Google Scholar are academic in nature and considered reliable, particularly if they have been cited  by others numerous times.

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Sources that include  authors' names, credentials  and affiliations can be reliable, as long as the credentials and  affiliation and credible

Note:  Authors are part of the Department of Psychology at The University of Toledo. 

Links from domain such as .org, .edu, and  .gov are considered more reliable than those from .com.  Though recognized news sources can be an exception.