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Africana Studies Subject Guide — Black Indigeneity

Interdisciplinary guide for Africana/African American Studies

Black Indigeneity

This page features a small selection of UConn library and external resources to support learning and research pertaining to Black Indigeneity. This list is meant to be exploratory and is not a comprehensive representation or list of the library's holdings.

For additional assistance, please contact Stephanie Birch, Research Services Librarian for Africana Studies at

What is Black Indigeneity?

This term refers to interwoven realities:

  1. African-descended Black people who were brought to the U.S. through forced migration due to the slave trade were forced into a system of settler-colonialism
  2. Black people who are the descendants of those forced into enslavement are indigenous peoples who have been stolen from their native lands
  3. African-descended Black people share experiences and/or built coalitions with other colonized indigenous peoples
  4. Black Native people exist. Their lives and experiences matter

From the Collection

Online Resources

Dark Laboratory | A New York state-based project that weaves together histories of Native and African dispossession through stolen land and stolen lives, using storytelling, indigenous knowledge systems, and media.

Afro Native Narratives | A documentary film by Macha Rose and Michael Santiago, produced by Adrian Heckstall in partnership with I Love Ancestry.