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Africana Studies Subject Guide — Health + Medicine

Interdisciplinary guide for Africana/African American Studies

Health + Medicine

This page features a small selection of UConn library and external resources to support learning and research pertaining to Health Science & Medicine. This list is meant to be exploratory and is not a comprehensive representation or list of the library's holdings.

For additional assistance, please contact Stephanie Birch, Research Services Librarian for Africana Studies at

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Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (2017) on HBO Max. An African American woman becomes an unwitting pioneer for medical breakthroughs when her cells are used to create the first immortal human cell line in the early 1950s.

Miss Evers' Boys (1997) on HBO Max. The true story of the U.S. Government's 1932 Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, in which a group of black test subjects were allowed to die, despite a cure having been developed.