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Africana Studies Subject Guide — Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Interdisciplinary guide for Africana/African American Studies

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

"Critical Race Theory is one of several principal modern theories used in legal education and practice since the 1970s. CRT has since been incorporated by scholars across the academy "as a conceptual construct, and methodology [to examine] the structures and systems that maintain White Supremacy's chokehold on our society."

-- Sofia Y. Leung and Jorge R. López-McKnight on Critical Race Theory, in Knowledge Justice: Disrupting Library and Information Studies through Critical Race Theory (2021), pg. 7. Access the book online.

Essential Readings

Books from the Collection

Online Resources

Journals & Periodicals

  • Forum Magazine  -- free and delivered straight to your inbox from the African American Policy Form, founded by Critical Race Theorist, Kimberlé Crenshaw.