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Africana Studies Subject Guide — Black Diasporas

Interdisciplinary guide for Africana/African American Studies

Black Diasporas

This page features a small selection of UConn library and external resources to support learning and research pertaining to Africa's global Black diasporas. This list is meant to be exploratory and is not a comprehensive representation or list of the library's holdings.

For additional assistance, please contact Stephanie Birch, Research Services Librarian for Africana Studies at

Understanding Black Diasporas

The term diaspora refers to the migration of people (either voluntary or by force) and the processes individuals and communities experience relating to identity, belonging, place-making, and more. Multiple intersecting and overlapping diasporas can and do exist simultaneously within the same space. In the context of the United States, there are numerous Black Diasporas communities, such as those who:

  • From [place of origin] through force by enslavement
  • From [place of origin] to the US through force due to colonization, environmental destruction, or political destabilization
  • From [place of origin] to the US voluntarily
  • From one part of the US to another through force due to enslavement
  • From one part of the US to another through force due to racial terror and/or the systematic destruction of Black communities
  • From one part of the US to another voluntarily

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