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Africana Studies Subject Guide — Afro-Latino Studies

Interdisciplinary guide for Africana/African American Studies

Afro-Latino Studies

The term Afro-Latino is relatively new in academia. It was adopted as a response to the invisibility of Black people while discussing issues of Latinidad ethnicity. Other terms used to describe the Afro-Latino community are Afro-Hispanic or Black Hispanic, however, it is important to note that Latin and Hispanic, while often used interchangeablyare not synonymous terms. 

When searching for books or articles consider the following terms to find materials in your topic:

  • Afro-Latino, Afro-Latina, Afro-Latine, Afro-Latinx 
  • Black Latino, Black Latina, Black Latine 
  • Afro-Caribbean or Black Caribbean 
  • AfroLatinidad or Black Latinidad
  • Afro-Latin American or Black Latin American 
  • Afro-Hispanic American or Black Hispanic American
  • Afro-Chicano
  • Afro or Black [ethnic/national group]
    • Black Puerto Rican
    • Afro-Cuban

Intersectionality: Understanding Black Ethnic Identities

Books about Afro-Latinos

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