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Topic: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) — What is SoTL

What is SoTL?

Scholarship of teaching and learning as defined by Lee Shulman: 

     "The scholarship of teaching and learning invites view teaching as serious, intellectual work, ask good questions about their students' learning, seek evidence in their classrooms that can be used to improve practice, and make this work public so that others can critique it, build on it, and contribute to the wider teaching commons."  (Shulman, 2006, p. ix)

Hatch, Thomas, Melissa Eiler White, and Lee S. Shulman. Into the Classroom: Developing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2006. 

Introduction to SoTL : A List of Core Readings by Date

SOTL v Scholarly Teaching

Center for Engaged Learning. (2013, August 16). Scholarship of teaching and learning vs. scholarly teaching. Retrieved from

SoTL Questions

Taxonomy of SoTL Questions

  • “What works/ Is it working?”: seeking evidence  about the relative effectiveness of different approaches
  • "What is / What does it look like?”: describing features
  • “What would it look like?” / Visions of the possible
  • Theory Building Questions/Formulating new conceptual frameworks: Models and frameworks that lead to new inquiry questions

Hutchings, P . (2000). Introduction. Opening lines: approaches to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Doing SoTL

Doing SoTL: A guide on the basic steps involved in a SoTL project by Nancy L Chick. 

  • ​Getting Started
  • Conducting a Lit Review
  • Doing Ethical Research
  • Identifying Evidence
  • Planning the Project Design
  • Analyzing Data
  • Going Public
  • Considering Quality