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Citation Management with RefWorks

RefWorks Layout

On the RefWorks website, you'll see a blue bar at the top of the page.

The left end of the blue bar includes the RefWorks home button and the Projects drop-down menu.

The right end of the blue bar has a drop-down menu with your name, which allows you to access your account settings and other tools.

Below the blue bar, RefWorks is laid out in three columns.

Navigation on the Left

The left column is for navigation and organization. At the top is All References, which includes every citation in your current project. Last Imported has references recently added to the project. My Folders contains folders you've created, while Sharing shows folders that have been shared with you. The left column also includes the Tags section.

References in the Center

The center column is where your references live. It displays whatever items are in the navigation area you've selected, such as All References or a specific folder.

The toolbar above the center column has several buttons, including the Add button to import or create references, the Create Bibliography button to build a bibliography inside RefWorks, the Tools button to locate duplicates, and the Search button to perform a basic search.

Details on the Right

The right column is for reference details. When you select a reference in the center column, the right column displays information about it.