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Citation Management with RefWorks

Collaborate with Colleagues Using RefWorks

RefWorks offers two options that allow you to share references with other RefWorks users.

Sharing folders

Folders can be shared privately, with invitations sent by email address to other RefWorks users. In private sharing, you can use granular settings to control whether your colleagues can view references, add annotations to PDF attachments, or have full modification rights. Those invited to your folder can cite those references in their own documents, so it's great for collaborative writing. Folders can also be shared publicly as view-only.

Sharing projects

When you create your RefWorks account, you start with a single project. Think of a project as a filing cabinet. You can have multiple projects, but they cannot talk to each other at all. If you have a reference in one project, and you import it into a different project, those two references are completely separate; unlike with folders, you are copying the reference, not displaying the same reference in two places.

You can share projects with other RefWorks users. There are no permission levels with projects; anyone you add can make modifications, including deleting everything. As with folders, members of your project can cite from it.

Share Folders

To share a folder, tap the column of three dots to the right of the folder name. Then choose Share folder.

If you want to keep your folder private, invite colleagues by email address and choose what permissions you'd like them to have. You can give them view only (Can read), annotate PDFs only (Can annotate), or full editing rights (Can modify).

Another way to share a folder is to tap the Share button on the toolbar above the center pane and choose Share folder.

Share Projects

To share a project when you're currently working in that project, tap the down arrow next to the project name in the top blue bar, then chose Share this Project.

If you want to share a different project, choose Manage projects... from the Projects drop-down menu instead, then use the Actions menu to Share Project from that page.

Invite colleagues by email address. Remember, if you share your project, all the people you invite will have full editing rights, including deletion.