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Citation Management with RefWorks

RefWorks PDF Interface

You can view and annotate PDFs inside RefWorks. First, select the reference.

Then, in the reference details, tap the Read button that displays on top of the PDF preview image.

In PDF view, there are two sets of tools. On the left, you can return to All References, zoom in or out, print your PDF, or download a copy. You can also highlight text or add comments. See Annotate PDFs below for details.

On the right, you can tap the page icon to view and edit Document Notes. The pencil lets you edit a reference while viewing the PDF.

Annotate PDFs

To highlight text in your PDF, tap the A icon, then click and drag your mouse to select text.

To add comments, tap the conversation bubble icon and type in the comment box. Comments are attributed to their authors and time-stamped. The Document Notes pane must be closed in order to view and edit comments.

Access to Annotations

Annotations are part of the RefWorks metadata associated with your PDF. If you download the file from RefWorks, you won't see them.