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Citation Management with RefWorks

Find and Delete Duplicates

It's best to have only one copy of each reference in your RefWorks library. If you've imported duplicate citations, you'll want to delete them. If you've used a citation in your writing already, you should not delete that citation. As a result, it's best to check for duplicates frequently.

RefWorks can assist you in locating many duplicates. Tap the Tools button and choose Find duplicates.

First, choose how RefWorks will determine the "primary reference." That means the one that RefWorks will assume you want to keep, deleting other versions.

Choose how close a match you want RefWorks to use. I recommend "references that are similar" to catch the most duplicates. 

Select the criteria upon which you want RefWorks to determine duplicates.

duplicate field options

Now RefWorks will run the duplicate check. You can watch the progress in the navigation column on the left under Duplicates.

Once the duplicate check is complete, tap the green Process completed button to see your results.

RefWorks automatically selects references to delete based on the setting you selected. Tap the Delete button to move the selected references to the Trash. Always double-check to be sure the references are actually duplicates before deleting them.

Duplicate detection is not perfect. You may wish to occasionally sort your library by title and manually check for duplicates.