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MKTG 3370: Global Marketing Strategy — Public Speaking and Presenting

My Favorite Tip

Project your enthusiasm (even if you have to fake it).  People will not remember details, statistics, or anything boring even if it is important. In fact they will only retain a small percentage of your information, if you are lucky. But any topic can be interesting if the speaker is great, and your enthusiasm will be remembered!

Public Speaking tips on You Tube

How to Use Presentation Software Effectively


  • Look at your audience: catch the eyes of random audience members while you talk
  • Provide value-added information: give more information than what is shown on the screen
  • Know your subject: be prepared to answer questions in detail
  • Know your technology: be familiar with how it works and how to fix it when it fails


  • Read from the screen
  • Include many flashy animations; instead, keep the presentation crisp so your audience doesn't get bored watching letters bouncing on the screen
  • Create walls of text; use brief sentences
  • Write every detail; instead, provide key words and concepts on the screen and then elaborate from there

Expected Behavior as an Audience Member


  • Have a goal for the session.
  • Take notes in order to improve your own presentation or with an eye towards asking questions at the end.
  • Give the presenter your attention by keeping your eyes open and looking in their general direction.
  • Think up one good question


  • Fall asleep.
  • Play with games on your cellphone or text your friends.
  • Check facebook.
  • Talk with the people next to you.

Public Speaking Books in Library