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Asian American Studies Subject Guide — Find Articles using Databases

Using Databases

Regardless if you are using the the Library's General Search option in the main webpage or the many Databases by subjects that we own, using the right keyword is the key for getting good results. Here are some tips for searching "Asian Americans":


  • Using keywords such as "Asian", "Asian American" or "South Asian Americans"  are not enough to search your topic. You need to also be specific about which group you want to research, e.g. Chinese, Japanese, East Indians (for people from India--not be confused with Native American which are still described as "Indians" in many catalogs and databases), Korean, Vietnamese, Nepalese, etc. Other terms that you can used for historical research are Coolies or Indentured Labor + [Asian Group], e.g. Chinese Coolies
  • In the case of Japanese people, you can also identify which generation you want to work with and try the following terms to search for them: Issei (original from Japan), Nisei (second generation), Nikkei (Japanese Diaspora), etc.
  • Use geographical locations to narrow down results, e.g. Chinese + California; Japanese + "San Francisco"; "East Indian American" + Maryland
  • Find other terms from the readings provide by your professor for other terminology and try different synonyms to make sure you are finding all possible sources.

Recommended Databases:

Newspapers' databases [Primary Sources]:

Getting Full Text Articles and Chapters

In a database, look for
UConn Full Text button

UConn Full Text will help you

1. Get the full text online if UConn subscribes to it
2. Request what we do not own through Interlibrary Services
3. Request scans of articles and chapters we own in print through Interlibrary Services

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Scan on Demand is not available. Check to see if we own the journal in print. Request a scan using Scan on Demand