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Asian American Studies Subject Guide — Overview

Welcome to the Asian American Studies Subject Guide!

Photo gallery of the UConn Asian American Studies Institute Faculty


This guide provides tools to find primary and secondary sources on the diverse group called "Asian Americans" in the United States. The guide offers tips on how to search and where to search for articles, books, DVDs, etc. on your topic.


It is important to understand that the term Asian is a label that attempts to describe a wide variety of people that migrated from the Asian continent which includes a wide variety of countries such as India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

  • Another term used for part of this region is the Far East which applies to the countries of China, Korea, and Japan.
  • In contrast to Hispanic American/Latinos, there is no common cultural or linguistic connection to unite the different groups known as Asians. People in India are different from people in China. People in China, Japan and Korea do not speak the same language, etc. so keep that in mind when selecting your topic.


Collage info: Photos of UConn's Asian and Asian American Studies Institute Faculty