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Puerto Rican Studies Subject Guide — Thinking about Topics

Topics and resources for Puerto Rican Studies

Thinking about Topics

Thinking about Topics

Exploring Broad Topics

Exploring broad topics in Puerto Rican Studies scholarship is a good way to start thinking about potential topics for your essay, research paper, or project. As you explore some of the broad topics in recent scholarship, consider:

  • What are the expectations around the essay, paper, or project? Are there specific geographic or temporal requirements for the assignment?
  • What interests you most about some of the broad topics? What are some of the ways that they connect with your interests inside and outside of the classroom?

Narrowing a Topic

If you have identified a broad topic, the next step is to adapt or narrow the topic to match the course expectations and requirements for your essay, paper, or project. As you narrow your topic, consider: 

  • What are expectations around the length of the paper or project?
  • What are the requirements around the use of primary and secondary sources?

Forming a Research QuestionIdentifying a topic and sources to support your analysis is an important first step in the research process. For many essays and projects, forming a research question and thesis statement is an important next step. As you form a research question, plan to use additional resources: 

  • Visit your professors during drop-in office hours or make an appointment with them to discuss your research question and thesis statement early in the process. 
  • Use the UConn Writing Center to formulate or revise a research question or preliminary thesis statement. The writing center offers free in-person and online tutoring. You can make an appointment, drop-in with a quick question, or request written feedback.
  • Email or make an appointment with the Research Services Librarian for Latina/o, Caribbean, & Latin American Studies for help finding additional primary or secondary sources.