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Puerto Rican Studies Subject Guide — Narrowing Topics in Puerto Rican Studies

Topics and resources for Puerto Rican Studies

Narrowing a Topic

Adapt or narrow your topic to match the course expectations or research project assignment.

  • What are expectations around the length of the paper or project?
    • For example, is it a long research paper where you might analyze multiple aspects of contemporary Puerto Rican literature or a short paper where you might focus on a specific novel?


  • What are the expectations around the use of primary and secondary sources?
    • Are there enough secondary sources (monographs, edited volumes, peer-reviewed journal articles) to support your analysis of a narrow topic?
    • Are primary sources available in a language that you can read and are they digitized or available through the UConn Library?


Use the examples below as models to think about matching the size and scope of the topic with the expectations for the assignment or research project.

Contemporary Puerto Rican Literature

Puerto Rican literature down arrow Identity in contemporary Puerto Rican literature down arrow Class and identity in Magali García Ramis’s 1986 novel Felices días, Tío Sergio

Magali García Ramis's Novel and Essays

Puerto Rican Political Movements

Puerto Rican political movements down arrow Twentieth century Puerto Rican independence movements down arrow Role of women in the Young Lord’s 1960s and 1970s independence activism

Young Lords Organization Sources