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Puerto Rican Studies Subject Guide — Forming a Research Question

Topics and resources for Puerto Rican Studies

Forming a Research Question

Identifying a topic and sources to support your analysis is an important first step in the research process. For many essays and projects, forming a research question and thesis statement is an important next step. 

Think about a Research Question and Thesis Statement

  • Begin brainstorming preliminary ideas for research questions that begin with "how" or "why"? 
  • Examine your sources. What kind of evidence do they offer to answer your research question? How might you use this evidence to support a thesis statement that answers your research question?
  • Think about whether your preliminary sources offer enough evidence to answer your research question and support the thesis statement. You might need to adjust your research question and thesis statement to align with the available primary and secondary sources or locate additional sources to analyze. 

Use UConn Resources

  • Visit your professors during drop-in office hours or make an appointment with them to discuss your research question and thesis statement early in the process. 
  • UConn Writing Center LogoUse the UConn Writing Center to formulate or revise a research question or preliminary thesis statement. The writing center offers free in-person and online tutoring. You can make an appointment, drop-in with a quick question, or request written feedback.
    • At UConn Storrs, the writing center is located on Level 2 of the Homer Babbidge Library, Room 2-131
    • At UConn Avery Point, the Academic Center (APAC) offers writing tutoring and is located in ACD 107.
    • At UConn Hartford, the writing center is located in the Hartford Times Building, Room 218
    • At UConn Stamford, the writing center is temporarily located within the Source for Active Learning/Q Center, Room 3.13 and will return to its permanent home inside the library in fall 2022.
    • At UConn Waterbury, the writing center is located on the second floor of the library, Room 227G. 

Find Additional Sources