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Pharmacy Subject Guide — Mobile Apps


Description: Drug compendium that includes drug monographs, drug ID, drug interactions, IV compatibility, FDA drug alerts and recalls, patient education handouts, and poisoning and toxicology data.

If this is your first time installing Lexicomp on a mobile device, follow the instructions below:

  1. From a web browser, go to
  2. Follow the instructions for Enterprise Users. You must create an account before downloading the app
  3. Use the current code. Email the Pharmacy Librarian at for the current code
  4. Wait 5 minutes after creating your account before logging in
  5. The entire Lexicomp Suite is 2.1 GB. If you don’t have room for that on your phone, only download the libraries you’re going to use

If you have Lexicomp installed and need to update your existing code:

  1. Obtain new code from the Pharmacy Librarian
  2. From a web browser (not the app), go to
  3. Login and paste the new code under Add Subscription by Code


Description: Drug compendium that includes drug monographs, drug ID, drug reactions, IV compatibility, NeoFax, Martindale, Red Book pricing, poisoning and toxicology data, and MSDS sheets.

To install the app:

  1. From a web browser, go to 
  2. Login with NetID and password
  3. Click on Micromedex
  4. Click Mobile Application Access in the top right corner 
  5. Click Micromedex Native Mobile Apps
  6. Follow the instructions for each desired Micromedex library
  7. Download the apps and use the codes provided to activate

To update the codes, follow the same steps.


Description: Point-of-care database including clinical topic summaries and quality of evidence grading.

Follow these instructions for downloading the DynaMed app.


Description: Diagnostic support tool and differential builder with 20,000+ medical images with concise specialist-developed clinical information, in areas of medicine such as dermatologic, infectious, and drug-induced diseases.

Create an account first using your UConn email address. Then download the app and login on your device.


Description: Medical reference books including Harrison's Online; Goodman & Gilman's Pharmacology, 11e; Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment; and Hurst's The Heart.

Go to and create an account. Then download the app from the app store and login.


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