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Latin American & Caribbean Studies Subject Guide — Where to Find Articles, Books and Videos

Information on finding and searching for books, journals and other resources for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Finding sources for your paper

Things to consider when searching for Latin American Studies topics:

Because Latin American Studies is a multidisciplinary field that focus in a particular region, the Americas (comprised of part of North America, Mexico, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, searching for articles require that you plan in advance your search strategy.


  • Determine which region or country you want to focus your research: It is not the same to search for Latin America as a region than to search for an specific country like Argentina.
  • Focus on regions (Latin America/South America/Central America/Caribbean) to study phenomena that affect the region, e.g. globalization; corruption, neoliberal policies, human rights
  • Focus on one country or two countries when you want to understand how a phenomena affect that country or if you want to compare how the phenomena compare between countries
  • Develop a research question from the subject area that you want to use to understand the region or country you selected, e.g. Political Sciences; Human Rights; Women's Studies, History
  • Create a list of synonyms on your topic: You can use your syllabus or textbook to find some preliminaries keywords. Pay attention what phrases scholars used to describe the topic you are interested in. Research terminology change through time. Use those terms when searching any of our multidisciplinary or subject-specific databases; or you can search directly into journals that specialize in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Be aware that current topics (less than two years old) will have less academic, scholarly articles than older topics. If you want to find the most recent information about your topic (especially if it is connected with a real event such as social protests, natural and man-made disasters, human rights violations, etc. check any of our newspapers' databases.

Recommended Books, Databases and Journals

if you are new to Latin American and Caribbean Studies, we recommend to check encyclopedias and other reference sources to acquire some background information that will help you develop your research question. Use the keywords "encyclopedia" or "companion" AND "Latin America" or "Caribbean" to find these types of books.

Here are some recommended titles:

You can search individual journals that focus in Latin America and the Caribbean. The UConn Library has access to many journals that focus on Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Sometimes they even have special issues that focus in a particular topic, e.g. migration, politics, economics, etc. To find which Latin American Studies journals are available online visit the eJournal Locator (see link below). You can use keywords or if you have a citation with the journal title, use that to find out if we have access to it.
Please login with your UConn Net ID and password to access licensed resources 


Tip: Latin American and Caribbean Studies is an interdisplinary discipline, therefore you can search for Latin American Studies topics in other subject databases. Visit our Databases page and look for databases in your subject area. For example use a Political Sciences database to search for articles about political issues in Latin America.

A sample search could be:

  • Elections AND Brazil
  • Corruption AND PRI AND Mexico
You can search for print and ebooks on Latin American and the Caribbean using the Library's General Search box. You can search for books that talk about the region or about an specific country, e.g. "equal rights" AND "Latin America" or "human rights" AND Mexico. Books and eBooks are available in English and Spanish.
In addition, there are several collections of eBooks that you can search directly for studies that focus only in Latin American, Caribbean Studies, both subscription based and also Open Access Spanish language eBooks portals that may be useful for your research.

There is a plethora of free online resources from reputable sources online that deal with Latin American and the Caribbean. Feel free to check the sites below to find resources for your research.

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