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_FYE: First Year Experience - Storrs — Nature of College Research

This library guide supports FYE classes at the Storrs Campus Library. It is an introduction to college research and library resources.

Did you know that there was a link between library users and academic achievers?

"... using the library at least one time in the first year ... significantly increased the odds that students would graduate in four years or ... as opposed to withdrawing from the university."
                                                      The Impact of Academic Library Resources on Undergraduates’ Degree Completion

Nature of College Research

  • College level assignments expect you to base your writing on sources that are scholarly and credible (beyond Wikipedia). 
  • Instructors scrutinize sources to make sure that they are authored by individuals/entities with affiliations to reputable institutions/organizations. 
  • The expectation when you use sources is that  you can vouch for the material's substance.  

Introducing UConn Library


Library Home Page:  lib.
Find books, articles, and more


  • Scope of the collection
    UConn's collection supports more than 110 undergraduate majors, in addition to the graduate schools.  Go to Databases to learn about the best databases for your area or use Library General Search  to find materials in the library.
  • Library support
    At the Babbidge Library in Storrs, we provide classes, workshops and consultations to help you with navigating our collection. We also create Library Guides so that you can learn independently about the research process. Some Guides are specific to your class, while others are Subject related. Explore our Guides by going to Research Guides.
  • Interlibrary Services
    College libraries rely on the collections of other libraries, so that if an item is not at the Storrs campus, you can request it from another UConn library or campuses nationwide.  This is a free service offered to the UConn community.  To learn more, go to  Interlibrary services. .

Want to learn more about Research?

What are Databases