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Find Information — Find Information

This guide will help you find resources from your research question.

Searching is a dynamic process - you should expect change as your topic evolves! It also requires flexible thinking and persistence: you'll hit some dead ends before you find sources that fit your research question. Using your research log to track your searching and sources will help you through this process.

This guide will:

What Databases Are

Video credit: Yavapai College Library

What are library databases and why use them?

A Library Database is an online index or catalog of searchable information.

  • Databases contain quality information
  • Powerful search tools for accurate searching
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Includes articles, newspapers, books, images, music, media and more
  • General databases cover a wide variety of topics
  • Subject specific databases cover a field of study in depth 

Good Places to Start Searching

Need to find background information about your topic? Not sure where to start?

Find Articles

Find Reports on Issues & Topics

Using Library Databases

Where do I find library databases? Look for the Databases icon on the library homepage.


Select your database by subject or by the database name. 

How do I select a database?

  • What is your topic?
  • What is your approach to your topic? 
    For example, articles on college students and binge drinking can be found in psychology, sociology, gender studies, anthropology, and legal databases.

Conducting a Simple Search in a Database

A brief (~1 minute) tutorial on conducting a search in a general database.