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Find Information — Finding Books

Finding and Using Books

Books are a great resource for general background and in-depth coverage of a topic. They can be very useful when you need a broad overview of a topic, or if your topic is historical.

Books and eBooks can be found in the UConn Library's collection using the Library's General Search, found under the Find tab on the Library's homepage or directly at

Books from any UConn Campus library can be pulled and held for pickup at the library circulation desk of your choice. See the Requesting Materials for UConn Campuses box on this page.

If you aren't able to find what you need within the UConn Library's collection, you can search and request books from WorldCat. WorldCat search results are from library catalogs around the world. To learn more about using WorldCat, see the Requesting Books Not Owned by UConn box on this page. Please note that licensing agreements do not allow libraries to loan ebooks; WorldCat can only be used for print materials.

Finding Books Using the Library's General Search

To find books, use the Library's General Search, found under the Find tab on the Library's homepage or directly at

The Advanced Search provides many more options for creating your search; we recommend starting with the Advanced Search to make searching easier.  Use the Advanced Search link next to the basic search box.

Advanced Search Guide

The Library's General Search searches across a broad spectrum of resources. To find only books and ebooks, select Material Type: Books in the Advanced Search

General Search Narrowed to Select only Books

Finding Books on a Topic / Keyword

Keyword searches look for your term(s) in the title, author, description, and subject fields. Using the Creating Keywords guide, enter your key words and phrases in the search. Remember to Refine and Revise your search based on your results. 

If you find books that might be useful, look at the subjects listed in the Details tab. Those subjects can be used to find more books on your topic.

Finding Books by Author or Title

If you are looking for a specific title or author, you can set your search to look for your term(s) in just those fields. Choose either Title or Author/creator to search title and/or author terms.

Author / Title search options in General Search

General Search (catalog) Tutorials

Advanced General Search
A guide to using an advanced search in the UConn Library's main "Articles + Library Catalog" search box.

Getting the Book
A brief tutorial on searching for books using the Library's General Search

Reading a Record

Records provide information about materials and their locations, in print or online.

A UConn Library General Search Record. The record reads Gender Violence at the US-Mexico border: media representation and public response. The record shows that it is available at the Babbidge Library at call number HV6250.4.W65 G475 2010 and reads Online access

The initial results displays the book title and author(s), publisher information, and access options.

The Find on Shelf section displays the physical location of the item and its loan policy, if you have signed in. The policy will depend on your status (student, faculty, etc). 

Verify the location, call number, and availability. If the item's location is at a campus other than your home campus, you can request the item be sent to you using the Request from UConn link. If you are not signed in, this link will read Sign in to request.

You can use the locate option to see a map with the item's location
This Call Number Floor Guide also provides locations for books located in Babbidge.

The The View Online section provides access to online version, if available. Clicking Online Access in the initial results will also take you to the View Online section.

The Details section provides more information on the item. Subjects can help find similar or more focused items related to your topic.

Details. the Details part of the record shows the title Gender violence at the US-Mexico border: media representation and public response. The Author, Hector Dominguez Ruvalcaba and Ignacio Corona. The Subjects Women--- Crimes against -- Mexico -- Ciudad Juarez; Gays --- Crimes against -- Mexico; Cross-dressers --- Crimes against -- Mexico; Murder -- Mexico; Mass media and crime --- Mexico

Requesting Materials from UConn Campuses

The Request Service delivers items from UConn's collections to the campus library of your choice.

  • Search for your item using the Library General Search
  • Click the Sign in link to login to your library account using your NetID and password. (If you are already signed in, skip this step)

  • Click on Request from UConn under Find on Shelf.

Request from UConn

  • Select your pickup location.
  • Click the Send Request button to submit. 
  • You will receive an email when your item is ready.

Requesting Books Not Owned by UConn

Search WorldCat to find and request items owned by other libraries.
Request items by clicking on Request Item.
Items can take anywhere from 2-14 business days to arrive.