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_ MS in Business Analytics and Project Management — Plagiarism: Play & Learn

for MS in Business Analytics and Project Management (BAPM) program

Welcome to Certitude

Certitude, an online digital literacy game designed to introduce students to digital literacy concepts.


This goal of this hour-long game is to encourage you to think about the broader concepts underlying referencing, plagiarism, accuracy, and source bias.

In this game:

  • you are a fact-checker for an online publication company
  • your job is to proofread articles and check the sources used
  • you refer to citation guides within the game
  • you earn rewards for correctly rejecting or approving articles and receive specific feedback on their performance.

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Certitude was developed by a group of students in collaboration with a Library staff member and a freelancer. The team included

  • game designer and writer Rebecca Kerr
  • programmer Sishir Sharma who developed the prototype code
  • artist Jesse Bryant

They are all students at Curtin University.

  • Karen Miller's role as producer was to coordinate work, write the articles used in the game and advise on learning content
  • Michael Wiebrands, a freelance Unity programmer, developed the final code

Funding was provided through the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program.

Certitude was inspired by popular narrative-based games such as Headliner, Papers Please, and Orwell, where players are tasked with assessing the quality and accuracy of information.