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_ARE 4205 Market Planning and Survey Research in the Food Industry — 4 Survey Design

Overview of market planning in the food industry, with emphasis on survey design and implementation. Student groups will work with clients to develop tailored market plans.

4a Defining what you want to measure

STW016: Figure 1.5


  • What do you want to know?
  • Why do you want to know?
  • What decision will you make based on the answers?
  • What number do you need to make the decision?

4b Measurement validity and error

To be valid, the goals and questions must match. A survey is valid when the questions you ask are a good match to the reason why you are doing the survey and what you want to ask about.

4c Types of survey questions

4d Survey question best practices

Did you make these mistakes?

  • Leading Qs

  • “Do you agree/disagree...” statements

  • Double-barreled Qs

  • Motivation or ‘why’ Qs

  • Vague terms

  • Hypothetical Qs

  • Comparison Qs