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_ARE 4205 Market Planning and Survey Research in the Food Industry — Home

Overview of market planning in the food industry, with emphasis on survey design and implementation. Student groups will work with clients to develop tailored market plans.

Book Titles on Market Research

Book Titles on Survey Design

Marketing Scales Handbooks

Marketing Scales Handbook by Gordon C. Bruner II, Emeritus Professor of Marketing at Southern Illinois University.

It reviews articles published in top marketing journals, and identifies scales that meet the criteria:

  • had to be composed of at least three items, 
  • have empirical evidence of their psychometric quality, and 
  • have been treated by their users as reflective measures (rather than formative ones) of the focal constructs.

It is great for anyone who is developing questionnaires for use in surveys or experiments, whether studying “consumers” or people in organizational studies. 

UConn Library has the entire series, with Vol. 5 and later available electronically.

Available Electronically

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