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Zines — Zine Basics

What is a zine?

Zines (rhymes with “beans”) are low-barrier, low-budget photocopied publications in which authors Image of zine cover, a leopard seal with a crown of markers, with the words Wicked Meta no. 2, a zine about zines in typewriter font.are in full control of the entire process of creating a publication, from writing and layout to printing and distribution. Zines are made for the purpose of sharing information, and allow unfiltered access to the ideas, expressions, perspectives, and experiences of historically marginalized or under-represented subcultures and social movements. In times of strife, zines offer a cathartic art form to create and share stories of lived experiences and play a large role in communication for members of social and political movements.

Wicked Meta #2: a Zine about Zines tells more about the history of zines, how to make them, and how to use them in your research.


UConn Today article "Get Away from Screens; Make and Read Zines at Homer Babbidge Library," by Joseph DeVito (11/30/2022). 

How do I make a zine?

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