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Shared Content — Chat Widgets

Reuse these boxes and widgets in your own guides.

Chat Widgets

For Libguide Pages - Copy the Need Help widget in pages where you want to link patrons to the main chat reference service.  Do not use this widget in profile boxes; use the code provided on this page for profile widgets.

For Personal Profiles - copy and paste the widget code.

Need Help?

JavaScript disabled or chat unavailable.

Need Help?

JavaScript disabled or chat unavailable.

Chat Widget - for Profile

If you have a LibraryH3lp (chat) account, you can place a widget in your profile so people can chat with you directly. This chat will be a direct IM between you and the user - it will not be recorded in chat transaction statistics, nor with the transcript be recorded.  Any reference transactions using this method need to be recorded in RIO.
Note: do not use the general Ask a Librarian [Need Help?] chat widget in your profile box as this confuses users. A link to the main chat will be automatically provided when you are offline.

To put the widget in your profile, make sure the blue box in the upper left corner says "LibApps" and go to "My Profile" in the top yellow bar.

Place the following code in the Other Widget Code box. Replace YOURID, YOUREMAIL, and YOURNAME.  Your ID is your login name, usually first initial, last name.  Ask Kate if you are unsure of your account name.

Popup Widget Code (Storrs/Regional Campus)

<div class="needs-js">chat loading...</div>

<div class="libraryh3lp" jid="" style="display: none;">
  <a href="#" onclick="'', 'chat', 'resizable=1,width=320,height=350'); return false;">
    <img src="" alt="click to chat"/></a>

<div class="libraryh3lp" style="display: none;">
  YOURNAME is offline.
  Send an
  <a href="">email</a>
  <a href="">chat with another librarian</a>.

<!-- Place this script as near to the end of your BODY as possible. -->
<script type="text/javascript">
 (function() {
   var x = document.createElement("script"); x.type = "text/javascript"; x.async = true;
   x.src = (document.location.protocol === "https:" ? "https://" : "http://") + ",poll";
   var y = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; y.parentNode.insertBefore(x, y);