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Shared Content — Content Boxes

Reuse these boxes and widgets in your own guides.


The Shared Content Guide provides a single location for links to chat widgets, database search widgets, library resources, and other reusable content. When content is updated in this guide, it is updated across all guides in the system, providing a consistent user experience, avoiding content duplication, and eliminating the need for individual authors to update their information.

When using Shared Content Boxes, contextualize the information in the boxes by pairing them with specific advice, examples or resources related to the topic(s) of the guide.

Note that you can change the title of a shared content box in your guide if necessary.

Content in this guide is grouped together by type.

Adding reusable boxes from the Shared Content Guide into your guide is very simple and the prefer option for commonly used content.


Screenshot of Adding Box showing the option of Reusing Boxes

  1. Click on Add Box
  2. Select Reusing Existing Boxes
  3. Find the guide with the box you want to reuse in the Shared Content Guide (read the instructions on the Shared Content Guide)
  4. Keep Box Name empty
  5. After you select your box, make sure you do not check the option Copy (If there is a change in the content the Reference & Curriculum Services team will update the content, which then will be reflected in all the guides that shared the same box.)
  6. Save! and you are done!

Library Policies - Table of Contents (do not copy this box)

Peer Review - Table of Contents (do not copy this box)

Technology at the Library - Table of Contents (do not copy this box)

Other Content - Table of Contents (do not copy this box)

Guides to Reuse - Table of Contents (do not copy this box)

  • Using General Search Guide
  • Research Quickstart
  • Citation Guides & Management Tools
  • Stable Linking to Electronic Resources
  • Streaming Video & Media Resources Guide
  • Babbidge Library Study Spaces

Search Boxes to Reuse - Table of Contents (do not copy this box)

  • General Search
  • WorldCat
  • Google Scholar 
  • Academic Search Premier

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