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Requesting Library Electronic Resources — Public/State Library Eresources

Public & State Library Eresources

The Connecticut State Library offers access to ebooks and research databases for anyone with a state library card (free and easy for any CT resident to get!). Connecticut's many public libraries offer fantastic resources for home entertainment online.  Don't miss out on these free and valuable resources available to CT residents.  Apply now for a CT State Library card and visit your hometown public library and sign up for a library card!

The resources listed on this page are available for the foreseeable future.

Public Library eBooks and eAudiobooks

Did you know that most public libraries in Connecticut have ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines that you can download and read at home? Not to mention digital movies and TV and sometimes even music! Public libraries offer fantastic resources for recreational reading, listening, and viewing online.

Town residents automatically qualify to get a card for their local library. Please see each library's website for details.

Not sure how to find your town's library? Explore this listing of all public libraries in Connecticut, and contact your local public library to get started!

eGO CT - Statewide eBooks and eAudiobooks

The Connecticut State Library has been rolling out a library statewide ebook platform called eGO CT to public libraries across Connecticut.  Access is provided through the Palace Project App.  Ebooks available through the app are provided by both the Connecticut State Library and your public library for personal use.  Download the app onto your mobile device and select your public library to start browsing the collections available to you.  You will need your public library card to borrow materials and download them onto your device.      

eResources from the CT State Library