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Requesting Library Electronic Resources — Streaming Videos

Requesting Streaming Videos

The UConn Library provides access to tens of thousands of streaming videos through our catalog. Additionally, faculty can request an individual stream for a course. The Library will make every effort to license the stream if available and within budget.  Please submit a request to purchase. It can take up to three weeks to process a streaming request - please plan accordingly.

The best way to find streaming videos is to search the Library's catalog.

  • Go to the library catalog and conduct your search.
  • Use Refine my results to choose Availability = Full Text Online and Resource Type = Video Recordings

Ithaka S+R Streaming Media Research Project

The UConn Library is participating in a national study on video in teaching, a unique partnership between Ithaka S+R and 24 academic libraries. The survey results of the public component of the project were released June 2022, Streaming Media Licensing and Purchasing Practices at Academic Libraries. Additionally, the UConn Library conducted 15 instructor interviews that will be included in the aggregate findings report to be released this fall.

Streaming Video FAQs

How much do streams cost when licensed or purchased by the Library?

On average a non-studio produced streaming video, such as a documentary, costs $150 per year and $300 for three years for unlimited use by UConn users. Major studio films average $250 per year. If a stream is available for purchase and the Library deems the investment cost-effective, the library will purchase the stream in perpetuity. Purchased streams can range from $200-$800.

How do I access my requested stream?

  • You will receive access to your stream within 3-business days of order confirmation.
  • A link to the stream will be forwarded to you upon receipt.
  • The stream will be available in the library's catalog within 3-business days of access notice.

How long will my requested stream be available?

Unless otherwise specified, an individual stream is licensed for one year (from time of request). This end date will be noted in the library's catalog. If  there is no end date noted, the stream is part of a purchased collection.

How many streams may I request?

The Library has subscribed to various models of access for streaming videos. Once you make a request, our staff will assist you in acquiring your materials within budget. If we are unable to provide all needed materials, we will suggest alternatives.

How will I know if my requested stream is still available?

The Library endeavors to track individual subscriptions/licenses, but due to the increased demand for streaming video the library may not be able to contact you when a stream expires. The best practice is to make note of the subscription date and confirm access prior to each semester. Contact to request renewal.

How will I know if a stream I assigned from a subscription streaming video collection (see below) is still available?

The Library does not always have control over the titles in a large aggregated collection, especially Alexander Street Press Online. Distributors may pull their content from these platforms at any time. If you are assigning streams from these collections the Library may be able to purchase the stream so you do not lose access. Please forward these purchase requests to It is best practice to check access prior to each semester.

How will I know if a stream I assigned from a library-owned streaming collection (see below) is still available?

The Library purchases streaming collections and single streams in perpetuity if available for purchase and when practical, see a list of library-owned collections below. To confirm if  a stream is owned in perpetuity, contact As there can be the occasional access issues with purchased titles, it is best practice to check access prior to each semester.

What types of streams can be added to the University’s Kaltura platform?

The Library uses the University’s Kaltura service to stream licensed videos that are not available on a third-party platform. For example, an independent producer may sell  a digital site license that allows us to stream their video in a password-protected environment. They will forward a digital file or give us permission to create one from a DVD. These videos can be viewed via the Library’s UConn Kaltura Streaming Video collection, and are added to the Library's catalog.

Finding Streams to License

The Library has licenses with the following vendors. Faculty can search the product websites to see which streams are available to license. Please check the Library's catalog to see if the stream is already licensed and available before submitting your request.

Subscription Streaming Video Collections

Assigning a video from one of these collections for a class? Contact to request long-term access.

Library-Owned Streaming Video Collections

The Library owns these streaming video collections in perpetuity.

Free Sources for Streaming Videos