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Psychology Subject Guide

Find resources for your research in the psychological sciences.

Core Article Databases for Research in Psychology

Other Databases to Consider

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar is not a substitute for using a library database, but is worthwhile as a supplement to the library's tools.

It can be excellent for:

  • Searching across many disciplines at once
  • Determining which disciplines are interested in your topic
  • Identifying relevant keywords
  • Puzzling out poor or incomplete citations
  • Locating grey literature (like conference proceedings or dissertations)
  • Finding open source versions of articles
  • Cited reference searching

Challenges to consider:

  • There's no controlled vocabulary or standardized terminology
  • It doesn't support complex searching and limiting the way library databases do
  • Sources aren't vetted, so critical thinking and skepticism is required when browsing results
  • Search results are not consistent, even if you use incognito mode
  • Publisher links generally ask you to pay for access (don't do that! see the next tab in this box for details)

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