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Grants — Pivot-RP

Use Pivot or Foundation Directory Online to locate grant or funding opportunities

What is Pivot-RP?

Pivot-RP is the most comprehensive search engine for grant funding opportunities available through state, federal, corporate, non-profit, and foundation sponsors. Pivot is funded through a partnership between the Office of the Vice President for Research and UConn Library.

Pivot enables researchers to:

  • Identify potential funding opportunities - for example: research, travel, fellowships and training
  • Receive weekly funding alerts based on your research profile
  • Identify potential collaborators within UConn and universities around the world using Pivot Profiles

All current UConn students, faculty and staff have access to Pivot.

If you would like to establish a Pivot account to set up funding alerts and to share your research and publications click the Sign up link on the header on any page inside Pivot. Use your email to create an account. An email will be immediately sent to your address. Click the Confirm link in the email to validate your account. Your Pivot Username will be the your UConn email you used to establish the account.  After completing the steps to claim your Pivot profile, you should receive an email in 5 to 8 business days to confirm that your Pivot Profile is now linked to your Pivot Account.

To access Pivot-RP, go to, select Databases A-Z, type Pivot in the Search for Databases box, and click GO.

Pivot-RP Search Tips

Simple Search tips:

Multiple search terms will be searched with an implied "AND" operator between the words. For example, searching for the term: childhood obesity will find results that have both words anywhere in a record. For better results, try one or more of the following:

  • Use quotes around phrases: e.g. "childhood obesity"
  • Use the 'w/ ' between words to search for terms within a particular number of words of each other: e.g. childhood w/2 obesity
  • Use "OR" operator between synonyms to broaden focus: e.g. obesity OR obese OR overweight

Searching in the 'By Sponsor' search tab allows you to search for sponsors by keyword or name (again, use quotes around phrases: e.g. "Health and Human Services"). You can also select US Federal Sponsors or Non-US Federal Sponsors.

Note that federal sponsors are often listed under their main organization; e.g. National Institutes of Health (NIH) is listed under United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Advanced Search lets you specify:

  • Specific fields to search
  • Amount of grant
  • Time frame of opportunity
  • Activity location
  • Citizenship / residency filter
  • Funding types
  • Pivot Keywords (controlled vocabulary terms created by Pivot to index opportunities)
  • Requirements (to specify that grants only open to graduate students, etc.)

Tip: Locate the Pivot Profiles for other researchers in your field (at UConn or other schools) and click the 'Funding Matches' section in their Profile to see appropriate funding opportunities for that person which may be of interest to you. This is especially useful for a more junior researcher!

Check out the Instructional Handouts Page on the left side menu

Pivot Scholar Profile

Creating a Pivot account allows you to then claim your Pivot scholar profile containing information about your research and publications.

Pivot Training & Workshops