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First Year Writing Instructor's Guide — Using the Library's Online Resources

This guide is for First Year Writing Instructors

Introducing the Online Library

The UConn Library's Databases are organized by subjects. This page affords and opportunity to explore with their students the variety of approaches they might take to exploring their topic - before they ever start clicking around in a database!

For example:

Your students are interested in exploring the intersections between poverty and health.

In this list of subjects:

  • Who might be writing and thinking about your subject? (nutrition, psychology, sociology, urban studies, etc.)
  • What different materials or approaches might each discipline cover?

This is an excellent opportunity for dialog with your students - helping them to begin to critically engage with their topic.

For students that don't know what kind of approach they want to take, Academic Search Premier is an excellent resource for allowing students to explore their topic. 

Research Start Guides For Your Students