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First Year Writing Instructor's Guide — Booking an Instruction Room

This guide is for First Year Writing Instructors

Booking an Instruction Room in the Library

Instruction 1137 (formerly Undergraduate Research Classroom) and Instruction 2118 (formerly EC-2) in Homer Babbidge Library are available for hands-on in library sessions for FYW and other instructors. Scheduling your sessions through the online calendar ensures that no one else grabs the slot you want while you wait for an email request to be processed. Plan your course in advance and request a date(s)  as early as you can to avoid any difficulties in room scheduling!

Need other library spaces for class? Check this page for details about the Video Theatres and Class of 1947. 

Create Your Account

  1. Go to
  2. On the right side under Welcome Guest, Select Create  An Account.
  3. Enter all required fields ( * )
  4. In the Additional Information box, type First Year Writing Instructor.
  5. In the popup "Ready to Continue?" window, click on Yes, create my account.
  6. You will receive an automated message that you have successfully requested an account. 
  7. To complete the sign up process and create your account, check your UConn email and reply to the EMS account request email fromJohn Cropp.
  8. In 1-2 days, after your reply to the initial email from John Cropp, you will receive an email notice that your account is now active. The email will include instructions on how to reserve a room.

If you cannot access this account, contact the Assistant Directors of FYW or email

Logging In

  1. Go to 
  2. In the Sign in section, enter User Id, which is your UConn email address.
  3. Enter your password. If this password doesn’t work, enter your email address and click I've forgotten my password.

Booking HBL Instruction 1137  (formerly URC) or HBL Instruction 2118 (formerly EC-2)

  1. On the left, select Create a Reservation.
  2. Select  book now to the right of Reserve/Request a room.
  3. Choose the Date you want for your class.
  4. Enter the Start Time and End Time. Note that the times include every 15-minute increment from midnight to 11:45 PM. Make sure of your AM and PM selections.
  5. Enter the number of students you have under Number of People and click Search.
  6. Click the blue plus sign next to HBL Instruction 1137 (URC) or HBL Instruction 2118 (assuming it’s open), then click the Add Room button in the popup window.
  7. Select Next Step  on the next screen.
  8. Enter Set up notes if necessary and select Next Step.
  9. Enter your Event Name, for example, ENGL 1007 (Smith).
  10. Set the Event Type to Library Class.
  11. Select First Year Writing from Customer dropdown list.
  12. Review the prefilled Name, Email, Department and Phone number information
  13. Click Submit.

    If HBL Instruction 1137 or HBL Instruction 2118 is not available when you want it, choose a different date, or email and we’ll try to find another room for you.

Room Details

Instruction 1137.jpg
Instruction 1137.pdf  
(Formerly URC) 

Located on Level 1 with a maximum capacity of 19, Instruction 1137 has 18 individual computer stations in a standard classroom setup.  Reservations open to UConn faculty and staff.  Room features include:

  • 1 Instructor Station with HDMI and VGA Connections
  • Front Display – 70″ LED Screen
  • 18 Computer Stations
  • Speakers and Microphone
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • WePresent Wireless Presentation and Screen-sharing System
  • LockDown Browser  (Library Technology recommends that students complete a practice test that uses LockDown Browser to ensure they are familiar with how it functions. Use the same settings in the practice test as you will use on actual tests as far as feedback, test presentation, time limit, etc.   Direct students to HuskyTech at for support.)


Instruction 2118.jpg 
Instruction 2118.pdf  (Formerly EC-2) 

Located on Level 2 with a maximum capacity of 37, Instruction 2118 has 36 individual computer stations in a standard classroom setup. Reservations open to UConn faculty and staff.  Room features include:

  • 1 Instructor Station
  • 36 Computer Stations 
  • Dual Ceiling-mounted Projection Screens
  • Speakers and Microphone
  • WePresent Wireless Presentation

Need other library spaces for class? Check this page for details about the Video Theatres and Class of 1947.