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Topic: Entrepreneurship & Business Plan Guide — Industry Information

Supports any student entrepreneur interested in starting a new business or developing a product, as well as participants in the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) program.

Industry Codes

Finding Industry Profiles

A good way to learn about an industry is to consult an industry report. A typical industry report provides information on how an industry operates including current market forces, challenges, barriers to entry, trends and opportunities, aggregate financial data, list of leading companies, and forecasts. Below are some resources for locating industry reports:

Get Data About Your Industry

    Trade Associations

Trade associations represent the common interests of individuals and companies in a specific line of business or industry. These associations can offer a wealth of information as they monitor industry trends and collect relevant data such as market statistics, lists of members, and customers' buying patterns. Listed below are sources for identifying trade associations:

You can also search the Web to find trade associations. Most associations have a web site and can be located using a search engine such as Google.