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Topic: Entrepreneurship & Business Plan Guide — Competitors

Supports any student entrepreneur interested in starting a new business or developing a product, as well as participants in the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) program.

 Finding Competitors

Listed below are resources that can be used to compile a list of companies based on specific criteria such as industry or geographic location, number of employees, or total revenues. While the level of information will vary from source to source, most of these resources include details such as company name, brief business description, names of key officers, address and phone number, list of products, and basic financial information.

Reference USA: Most public libraries subscribe to this database. It provides directory information for public and private businesses and organizations. Some of the data included are contact information, SIC code, the names of company executives, sales volumes, and number of employees. Check your Local Libraries.

Size Up Your Competition

Locate other businesses in your area similar to your own. These resources will help you find out this information!

This annual series provides data about establishments with paid employees. It includes number of establishments, number of employees, and payroll by industry and by size for the US, states, metro areas, counties, and zip codes.