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Author Level Metrics

Author Level Metrics measure the impact of scholarly work from a single author, rather than at a journal or departmental level. Most author level metrics incorporate citation counts of articles written.  The best sources of traditional author level metrics are Scopus and Google Scholar. In both cases the entry point is at the author level rather than at the article level. The numbers will be different in each source so use both for best accuracy. 

In both both Scopus and Google Scholar the H Index will be part of the mix. The H Index measures both productivity and impact over time The H Index number means that the author has published X number of articles which have each been cited at least X number of times.

Other databases also offer Cited Reference Searching, which just means access to the references at the end of the article or book chapter.

ORCID ID's are persistent digital identifiers for authors. They are useful for connecting an author with his or her scholarly work over a period of time, especially for authors with common names.

Cited Reference Searching

H Index

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