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Journalism Subject Guide — Using Interlibrary Loan

Library resources for journalism practice and research.

Using Interlibrary Loan

Using Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan is a free service for all UConn students, faculty, and staff that allows researchers to request copies of books, articles, book chapters, and other items, which are not owned by the UConn Library. This outlines briefly the most common types of requests: books, articles found in library database searches, and requests for specific items when the author, title, and other details are known. For details on Interlibrary Services see

1) Requesting articles you find while doing databases searching:

The 'UConn Full Text' button is superimposed next to database search results to help you locate the full text of the article, if the article was published in one of the tens of thousands of journals the library licenses online. If the article is not available in full text, the same UConn Fulltext menu will allow  you to request the article for free through interlibrary loan. Look for the UConn Full text button in most library database search results:



2) Requesting books through Interlibrary Loan within WorldCat

WorldCat is a global bibliographic database, and is great for locating books on any topic. WorldCat search results will indicate if UConn owns each item; if not, look for the 'Request Item' button to initiate an Interlibrary Loan request:


3) When you have a specific citation for material you want to request

If you already have the bibliographic information (title/author/year/etc.) of a specific item you want to request, ILLiad provides simple forms to input the data and initiate your request. See the 'Create a new request' menu on the left to request books, articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, or other materials.