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Journalism Subject Guide — Legal Research

Library resources for journalism practice and research.

Legal Research

The UConn Library, in conjunction with the UConn Law Library, offers access to a number of legal databases; Nexis Uni (an academic version of the Lexis-Nexis database) provides full-text access to law reviews, and state and federal regulations, statutes, and cases. Legislative Insight by ProQuest provides legislative histories for select federal legislation (for more information on conducting a legislative history, see my Federal Legislative History and Analysis guide). Hein Online is terrific for access to scanned volumes of Congressional Record and many other legal reference materials.

Key Legal Databases

Books / reference materials

Search Tip: American Jurisprudence has an extensive table of contents structure that is reproduced in the Nexis Uni database. Take advantage of this detailed indexing by looking for chapter and sub-chapter headings in document titles: