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Topic: Federal Legislative History and Analysis — NexisUni content for legislative history

Tools and resources for researching the evolution of a law using the primary documents - the bill, committee reports, hearings, etc. - and secondary analysis of the legislation and federal policy.

Legislative history materials in NexisUni

NexisUni contains access to published law, case law, law journals, and other materials relevant to researching the history of a law and its subsequent treatment by the legal system. See helpful direct links below for specific content areas.

  • Published law: United States Code Service & state statutes
  • Court decisions: state supreme court, federal district court, U.S. Supreme Court decisions
  • Shepard’s citations: which court cases have cited an earlier decision
  • Law journals: academic journals on law

To search for cases, law journal articles use the simple or advanced search interface of NexisUni.