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Topic: Black History Month — Books, Journals, Films and Websites

This guide provides an overview of library and archival resources for Black History Month at the UConn Library.

Finding Books, Journals and Films, Websites

Subject Headings

Search the UConn Library's General Search for more books and resources on Black History and African Americans. Go the Advance Search option to use this these subject headings (select Subject from the drop down menu) as your keywords to find more books on these subjects.


African Americans -- History
African Americans ---Biography
African Americans -- Study and teaching

United States -- Race relations -- Political aspects
United States -- Race relations -- History
United States -- Civilization -- African American influences

For keyword searches use:  african american authors, black history, black power, black americans, Negros, afro-americans, black americans

Selected Films at the UConn Library:  (Search the Library's General Search for more titles)

An Ernie Pryor original painting dedicated to the Black United Students @ Kent State University

Photo Info: A painting dedicated to the founders of Black History Month, the Black United Students at Kent State University, by Ernie Pryor. By Kkhemet - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,