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Topic: How to do Anthropological Research — Ethnographies

This guide will help students from Sciences, Humanities, Health, Pharmacy and Business majors taking W course in Anthropology how to develop anthropological research topics and keywords to find articles from anthropological journals.

What are Ethnographies Useful for?

Cover of Margaret Mead's book, Letters from the Field 1925-1975Ethnographies are in-depth studies of cultural, organizational, national, ethnic or racial groups about their life, customs and relationship with the broader world (at the national or global level). They are useful for you because they give a more detailed look at groups than research articles can offer. In this page, see a list of ethnographic books and journals that may be useful for your own research.




Image Info: Cover of anthropologist Margaret Mead's book, Letters from the Field 1925-1975


Check the "Where to Find Books & Videos" Page for tips on how to search for ethnographic books

Ethnographic Resources

Ethnographies are available in two forms, either as published books or as journal articles. Check this selection of journals and book series to see if your topic has been studied by ethnographers.


Ethnographic Book Series:

Check these links to find ethnographies in a wide variety of topics. Some of the books are available online while others are available in print in the library.

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Sample List: Ethnographies

Other Alternatives

Can't find an ethnography for your project? Check out Amazon! Use the same keywords that you developed for your project. Read the title and book summary to identify which books match your topic. Then search for the title either in the General Search or WorldCat to determine if we have the book or if you need to request through Interlibrary Services.