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Topic: How to do Anthropological Research — Overview

This guide will help students from Sciences, Humanities, Health, Pharmacy and Business majors taking W course in Anthropology how to develop anthropological research topics and keywords to find articles from anthropological journals.


Meme image: Indiana Jones with Cobra. Text: Anthro articles!! Why'd it have to be anthro articles?If you are new to the field of anthropology, creating an anthropological research question may be daunting if you have never taken a class on this subject before.

The purpose of this guide is to help you:

  • Find background information on broad topics in anthropology
  • Develop an anthropological research topic (and if possible related to your major)
  • Teach you strategies to develop keywords to find articles on your chosen topic in anthropological journals.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me for help!


Special thanks to Michelle San Pedro, a doctoral student, and instructor at the Anthropology Department at UConn for her suggestions, feedback, and advice for the sections "How to Find Anthro Articles", "How to Pick a Topic", "Ethnographies" and "Finding Background Information".


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