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Topic: How to do Anthropological Research — Finding Background Information

This guide will help students from Sciences, Humanities, Health, Pharmacy and Business majors taking W course in Anthropology how to develop anthropological research topics and keywords to find articles from anthropological journals.

Why look for Background Info?

Parodical Meme: Bones (tv series main character-female) looking at a boneLooking for background information before developing a research topic will save you time and help you develop a better research question for your paper. The same way you need to use a map to find a location you have never been before, encyclopedias, handbooks, ethnographies and research articles provide you with a knowledge map to understand broad topics about human lives and customs.


Except for ethnohistory and ethnobotany, all linked articles are located in the database Oxford Bibliographies Online - Anthropology.
Because the field of anthropology is multi- and interdisciplinary, it is possible for you to identify a sub-field in anthropology that intercepts with your major. Click on the tab that represent your field!

There is a topic for all of you!!

Criminology students may be interested in:

Computer Science students may be interested in:

Civil & Electric Engineering students may be interested in:

to understand how the construction of man-made structures such as highways, hydroelectric or nuclear plants have a human impact (positive or negative) toward indigenous populations and other racial and ethnic groups.

To give you an example, see these articles on hydroelectric plants and dams (either published in an anthropological journal or that use anthropological methodology):

Humanities students majors (History, Music, Literature) may be interested in the following sub-disciplines:

Where to Find Keywords

Check these sites to see lists of anthropological keywords that you can use for searching for articles on your topic!
Check out this selection of background resources available to you in anthropology to find inspiration for your research topic! I recommend that you click each tab to see and access this selection of books!

Background Resources

Databases & Bibliographies: